History of Alberobello

They say that the first trulli date back to prehistoric times. Already in this period, in fact, settlements were present in the Itria Valley , evolving into the tholos, typical buildings once used to bury the dead people. However, the most ancient trulli in Alberobello we find today date back to the fourteenth century: it was at that time this uninhabited land was assigned to the first Count of Conversano by Robert of Anjou, Prince of Taranto and then king of Naples from 1309 to 1343. This land was the prize bestowed to the Anjou count for services given during the Crusades. The area was then populated again, moving entire settlements from neighboring feuds like Noci.The drywall, mortarless construction, the trulli, was imposed on new settlers so that their homes could be dismantled quickly: an effective method to avoid taxes on new settlements imposed by the Kingdom of Naples and also some good deterrent for riotous owners. Most historians agree, however, that this construction technique was due, first, to the geographical conditions of the place, being abundant in limestone which was used in the construction.

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