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Mastro Trullaro for one day

Leave your signature imprinted forever in the Unesco Alberobello Heritage. Stay in trullo with breakfast included and workshop with Mastro Trullaro.
The trulli: Unesco heritage since 1996, they are particular historic houses known all over the world for their cone shape. Built dry by true masters of architecture (the "mastro trullari"), they have been standing for about 400 years. Some restructuring interventions are rarely necessary, above all on the external "chianche" which must be reworked every 200 years or so; atmospheric agents, in fact, can ruin them until the entire trullo collapses. Would you like to attend and participate in this important phase of external restructuring called "cuci e scuci" (sew and unstitch)? After having worked the chianche (stones) under "mastro trullaro" guidance, you will position it on the trullo's cone. So your signature will be forever engraved in the memory of the Unesco Heritage.
The laboratory opens with the tasting of a local aperitif and starts with the minimum membership of 6 people. Reservation is required at least 5 days in advance. Languages: Italian and English.
Hours and location: from Monday to Friday starting at 17:00 in the Aia Piccola district, in one of the historic Trulli Holiday homes.
Price: 25 Euro a persona